Feb. 14 ~ 20


Being a part of a community and cooperation are on top this time. Someone, who you have considered to be a strong personality, is going to show you his o her soft side. But do not make a big number of it, just put that in your mind for the future. There will be opportunities, and you should be ready to grab them.


At this time you should forget your grandiose plans and concentrate on smaller everyday things. After all, no one expect you to solve the problems of the whole world. Just as in love, a gentle and natural approach works best. Someone is going to make a remarkable suggestion to you, and you should listen.


Aim for the best whatever your goals in life are. Thos around you will appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. It is a good idea to combine work and fun at this time. Do everything you can to advance your career, and make sure you show to others that you have what it takes, even if you cant put them to immediate use.


You should look for something new and fresh. When you think you have found it, make sure you select only the best. Especially this applies to your love life. You should ask yourself, are you really heading to the right direction. Something that makes you happy could take place this weekend, and you should enjoy it.


Are you ready to show your true feelings to someone special? Gou should use your imagination more effectively to improve your chances of success. At this time you should pay a special attention to e-mails. Choose your words with care in every situation. Meeting a certain person will lift your spirits considerably.


Flexibility and ability to cooperate with others is very useful during the next few days. Note that not everyone has the same wits as you, nor do they see things from the same angle. Passions are running high, but you should no take an advantage of it. Instead, you should make others feel important.


You have a good opportunity to improve your general situation. Do not hesitate to ask for help and advice when you need to make a quick decision. You love life is entering into a very passionate period. There also could be someone who is not sure about your feelings, so you should be more open. You only can win.


Cooperation with others is bound to bring success, and you can also expect plenty of useful advice. Keep in mind that volunteering to a special task could take its toll on you. Lady Luck is smiling on you this weekend, so make sure you spend the time with someone special. Relax and enjoy.


Make sure you have harmony at home, and be aware what’s gong on. You should pay special attention to your finances, and make sure that you put a little away for a rainy day. Usually you are not very enthusiastic about extra responsibilities, but at this time it would be to your advantage in the future.


You can expect changes in your financial situation early next week. There is not necessarily much reason to worry, but you should pay close attention. Try to keep up to speed both at work and home. Remember that to know you is to love you, and optimism shows you the way to reach your dreams.


Money and love are very much intertwined this weekend. You should divide your attention equally between the two in order not to miss a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. This would also help you to keep your options open. You should not have regrets about your scrimping in the past, as you will need the money soon.


While you are solving a problem that’s actually someone else’s, you are going to encounter an interesting piece of information. You must think how you can use this to your advantage. Remember that knowledge is power, so you should look for unusual and hidden answers. Before all, be patient.

22:54 23 Jul , 2024