Feb 28~Mar 6


You should trust your intuition, especially when your job is concerned. There should be a new friendship ahead that could offer you a lot and open you a door to useful relationships. Caring about other people are on the forefront at this time. You will get an opportunity to express your true feelings in love.


There’s romance in the air, and you are very popular among your friends. There could be changes in various plans that you have been part of, so you have to make sure that you are on the same page with your peers. There’s a good chance that you could meet someone special, but you have to get out of the house first.


You level of energy is high, and that gives you an urge for action. You would like to get ahead especially with your career. Seeking the company of positive people who are ready to encourage you would help. This weekend is full of love and passion, and if you use a little imagination, the situation could become even stronger.


This is a time for new beginnings. You over could expect some little surprises from you, so be ready to use your imagination. If you are going to enter in any kind of contract, be very careful. Read everything twice, and sign off only when you are sure you understand what you’re entering into.


It is easy for you to be yourself at this time, and that will make you feel closer to your loved ones. Trust on your first impressions when you are presented a problem to solve. Tell people around you, both at work and home, your true aims and hopes. During the weekend someone is going to require your special attention.


New procedures at work are easier that you had thought, and problems you had anticipated fail to come up. Early next week you should meet someone who would have a significant influence on your future. You will also find strength and courage to face the future with much more open eyes than before.


You will have an opportunity to use you charms to the fullest. If you have something important to ask someone, this could be your chance. Trust in your own ability and ideas. Maybe everything do not proceed at the pace you would like to, but luckily you have patience ingrained in your character, and you can be flexible.


Now is you chance to shine in the spotlight, and that’s where those around you want to see you, too. You will have plenty of opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities, so enjoy it. Spending some quality time with your lover over the weekend would be very good for your relationship and future.


Sometimes it feels that progress fails to materialize. This should not stop you from planning and getting ready for the future. When you get an opportunity to spend more time with your plans, you will discover that they are easier to realize, too. Besides, you will enjoy the experience much more than you had thought.


You should get going with your plans at work. But you might have to wait for others to catch up, and that takes patience. Try to fit all pieces together as soon as possible as there could be some distraction ahead as early as next week. Everything is not what it seems to be, so better to be prepared.


You finances are on the right track, and that keeps smile on your face. You should use your charm and skill of persuasion to make sure that the trend continues all the way to the best possible conclusion. This weekend you should enjoy being the center of attention among your friends. Modesty does not pay.


There are several changes ahead that will bring plenty of excitement into your life. You are ready to face the challenges whatever they are. You should encourage everyone around you to be more optimistic. Do everything you can to advance your plans, but be ready for possible changes that may occur.

19:36 28 Feb , 2024