House fire kills Itoman man

A fire in a private house in Kyan, Itoman City, broke out and burned about seven square meter area inside the house including the bedroom, Saturday.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene were able to put out the fire, but they found a 48-year-old Shinji Maehara in the middle of the burned area. When found Maehara was still alive but in cardiopulmonary arrest. He died shortly afterwards.

According to Itoman police, Maehara lived in the house with his family, father and brother. Investigators say that the area around the bed in the room was badly burned, and Maehara was found laying on the bed.

According to family members, Maehara had been in poor physical condition before the fire, and they speculate that he failed to escape the fire once it started.

Itoman police and fire station officials are investigating the cause of the fire.

18:41 28 Feb , 2024