Itoman Police nabs elderly thief

Itoman police arrested a 76-year-old unemployed man on a charge of theft, Jan. 24.

The police say Kameichi Inaka had sneaked into a private house in Itoman City, and stolen about ¥850,000 in cash from the residence.

Inaka admits to the charge.

According to investigators, Inaka stole the cash and 13 items valued at ¥220,000 from a company employee’s house in Itoman City between midnight of Jan. 4 and an hour before dawn on Jan. 5.

Inaka told investigators that he had stayed in a lodging facility in Maejima district of Naha City, and had used the stolen money to pay for lodging charges and food expenses.

Inaka and the victim are not acquainted.

15:20 27 Feb , 2024