Kunigami Village weekend fair promotes regional products

Kunigami Fair promotes products from northern Okinawa.

Fishcatching is popular among young visitors to weekend Kunigami Industrial Fair.

Children having a glimpse of life on reefs.

Friendship between Kunigami Villagers and outsiders is the accent this weekend for the Kunigami Village Fair at the Kunigami Village Tourism Products Center.

The annual festival is 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and is free to the public.  Kunigami Village wants to promote its tourist industry by exchanging local products, while at the same time explaining the importance of natural resources and the environment.   A presentation on “the Kunigami Village of woods, water and peacefulness” will work throughout the two-day event.

The Kunigami Gourmet Championship takes place during the festival.  There will also be agriculture, forestry, fishery, stock raising, sightseeing and commerce-and-industry exhibitions and sales.

15:59 27 Feb , 2024