Man arrested for old case of attempted robbery

Man arrested for old case of attempted robbery

Better late than never could be the slogan Okinawa City Police are humming as they nabbed a suspect in a robbery attempt of a convenience store that took place back in July, 2008.

According to Okinawa City Police, 37-year-old Daisuke Yoshimoto, a temporary worker at Okinawa City Office, attracted the attention of a police officer on patrol before dawn on Feb. 7 as he was driving his car with an underage girl in Okinawa City. When questioned about the girl on a voluntary basis, Yoshimoto confessed to the attempted robbery over four years ago.

Yoshimoto’s  attempt to rob the convenience store at 2 a.m. at  Sonoda in Okinawa City on July 23,  2008, did not succeed as Yoshimoto reportedly threatened the store staff with a knife demanding money. However, the staff ignored him and he lost his nerve and ran away.

No customers were in the store at that time, and no one was injured. Police adds that Yoshimoto was unemployed at that time.

In addition to charges on the attempted robbery, Yoshimoto is also facing criminal charges on violating the  Okinawa Prefecture Youth Protection Ordinances.

According to Okinawa City, Yoshimoto has worked at the Okinawa City Office as a temporary staff since February 1.

15:54 27 Feb , 2024