Military revamps Okinawa liberty regulations

The late evening curfew has been rescinded for many service members in Okinawa, but the restrictions on off-base alcohol consumption remains in effect.

That’s the essence of the new rules for all military personnel on Okinawa who’ve been living with an 11 p.m. ~ 5 a.m. curfew, plus a ban on off-base drinking, since an incident last October when two sailors allegedly raped an Okinawa girl.  Lt. Gen. Kenneth J. Glueck, commanding general of III Marine Expeditionary Force, and Maj. Gen. Peter J. Talleri, commanding general of Marine Corps Installations Pacific, revised liberty regulations Feb. 15th in conjunction with new guidelines established two days earlier by the U.S. Forces Japan commander.

The revised liberty regulations have been implemented to reinforce the positive relationships between the Marine Corps and the local communities in which we live and work, the generals say.  Key aspects of the measures applicable to all uniformed service members assigned to III MEF and MCIPAC while in Japan, whether in a permanent or temporary additional duty status, are:

1. Service members are prohibited from purchasing or consuming alcohol off-base, except in their own off-base residence. 

2. Service members are prohibited from departing military installations or their own off-base residence under the influence of alcohol. Service members with a blood alcohol content of .03% or greater are not authorized off-base liberty.

3. Red liberty card holders are required to have a liberty buddy at all times. Gold liberty card holders with the rank of E-5 and below are required to have a liberty buddy after 7 p.m.

4. Service members must complete designated orientation training prior to being granted off-base leave or liberty in Japan.

5.  All service members E-5 and below and all red liberty card holders are subject to a midnight curfew. 

The liberty regulations that have been implemented are the minimum requirements for service members executing off-base leave or liberty in Japan. Authorized commanders can implement additional liberty restrictions.

The new rules are applicable to Army and Air Force military personnel, too.

  • Ernest Molina

    Yeah because E-5s and above could never ever do anything wrong >< such crap. Make it even across the board. Most of the time the NCOs and officers are breaking the rules more than the blower enlisted. This fixes nothing especially for the incapable enlisted leaders that can now go back to acting a fool. At least now they can't blame lower enlisted too much and will have no choice to look at the NCOs

    • Mihamajichan

      Ernest, you are such a blowhard.

  • Mihamajichan

    OH somebody please let Ernest make command decisions here in Okinawa so we can fix the problem!!! His heart is bleeding so much because he knows the answers!! He knows exactly what needs to be done to fix this rape-a-thon in Okinawa!! Oh lord, please appoint him special council to the General so we can finally have peace!! Such pathetic blowhard.

    • Ernest Molina

      Did you even read what I said? I never claimed to know a direct full fledged fix. But based on the offense you have seemed to take you are either a misinformed local, one of the NCOs mentioned or another clueless rage fueled jarhead. I don’t claim to no the answers. As someone who has served on Okinawa I know the atmosphere and how people act and I know firsthand an E5 or above is usually one of the cost to screw up then slide to the side and let a lower enlisted take the heat. Such ignorance I swear. I love Okinawa and its people yes. I have nothing but respect for those who continue to serve in an honorable and mature capacity but ignorance like you have spewed is heartbreaking

  • Ernest Molina

    Simple fact is only the service members can make a positive change. Keeping restrictions tight on one group while loosing it up on another group that’s just as likely to do something stupid is just tjat , stupid. And that’s not me saying I could influence things or fix things myself. Again up to the individuals respecting the oath they took to do that I’m speaking from seeing things first hand

  • Angry Local

    What is the point of the curfew anyways? Everyone seems to ignore it. The military is STILL getting caught with DUI’s. I know of many bars that the military go to to hide from the “curfew police” and then they just say something dumb like “Oh, I’ll just stay out until the curfew is done!” Yeah, that is a smart answer. Why does the military think they have the right to do anything they want? They are here as guests of Japan. The military are the guests and Okinawa is the host!! So treat them with respect!!! And if you can’, then get the hell of the island!!!

00:40 24 Jul , 2024