Motobu Tourist Taxi project gets under way

Motobu Town, in cooperation with local taxi companies, is planning to start a tour sightseeing project called “Motobu Tourist Taxi” in order to boost tourism in the town.

Currently the program is in the midst of a free trial run through the end of February.

Motobu Town planners want to bring tourists not only to the Ocean Expo Park but also to the town center and other nice spots such as a natural monument called “Shio-Gawa”, with the aim of increasing economic effects, and tourists’ staying time in Motobu Town.

Visitors wanting to use the Motobu Tourist Taxi need to make an appointment. The taxis will arrive and depart at hotels in Motobu Town.

Two different courses are offered under the program; the “Enjoying Full Nature Course” that takes visitors around the top of Mt. Yaedake to areas that usually are off limits, and the “Cherry Blossom Viewing  & Tankan Mandarin Picking Course.”

Drivers of the taxis have received training, and will take pictures and act as tour guides.

The project is planned to continue five years from 2012 through the fiscal year 2016.

There is also a plan to set up an executive office for the program in the future to handle charges from customers, and receive subsidy from Motobu Town.

18 taxis are currently taking part in the program. They are marked with special stickers on their rear windows and hoods.

For more information, call Cerulean Blue Co. at 098-941-6828.

14:25 14 Jul , 2024