Osprey noise measured in Ginoza

A noise level of 98.8 dB was measured in Shirohara, Ginoza Village, on Jan. 25, as two MV-22 Osprey aircraft held exercises around a heli-pad on Camp Hansen.

Ken Tokashiki, an associate professor at the University of the Ryukyus measured the noise with noise measuring instruments that had been set up at a private house in the district. He said the noise level is equal to that caused by a train passing by.

It marks the highest level since the measuring in the district started on Jan. 15.

According to local residents, the twp Ospreys took off and landed eight times over a span of about 35 minutes starting 10 a.m. on Jan. 25 repeatedly turning above the village.

During the exercise noise of more than 90 dB was measured intermittently at the house.

  • pcvolunteer73

    I measure the noise of bozo bikers nightly and it reads “ludicrous” all night long for both frequency and intensity.

  • Dale Yamaguchi

    The Osprey is one of the quietest aircraft on Okinawa. Next thing you know they will say the weather is being offset by the Osprey as well.

15:34 27 Feb , 2024