Trespassing Marine arrested from Ginowan home rooftop

Only days after the Marines’ senior leadership on Okinawa lifted a curfew instituted last fall in the wake of a rape incident, a drunken Marine has been arrested by Japanese police for trespassing in a Ginowan City home.

Private Nicholas J. Kelly’s in Japanese police custody, charged with trespassing on the roof of a local businessman’s home.  The 22-year-old Marine assigned to Camp Foster has admitted the intrusion to Okinawa Prefectural Police, but has refused to tell them why he did it.  Kelly is said to have been climbing on a number of homes, attempting to jump from a rooftop to escape from pursuing police officers.  Police went to the scene after receiving a report from a passerby that “a foreigner is on the premises.”

Kelly was found on the rooftop of a 65-year-old businessman’s home.  He was captured and arrested after becoming aggressive while trying to flee the scene.  Police say Kelly smelled of alcohol, but refused a breath test.

The incident comes only three days after Lt. Gen. Kenneth Glueck, Commander III Marine Expeditionary Force, and Maj. Gen. Peter Talleri, commanding general Marine Corps Installations Pacific, had made major concessions in dropping an 11 p.m. ~ 5 a.m. curfew for all service personnel in grades E-6 and above, and permitting on-base sales of alcohol for the first time since last October.  Marines Sergeant and below have a midnight curfew and have additional rules for traveling with buddies.  The generals’ decision came to align Okinawa with rules modified by U.S. Forces Japan, and accepted by the Army, Air Force and Navy earlier last week.

The peaceful transition lasted only the weekend before news media began announcing Kelly’s arrest about 1:30 p.m. Monday.  Kelly reportedly had been jumping from rooftop to rooftop for at least an hour before he was apprehended.

  • Ernest Molina

    When will they learn ><

  • WaychulDon

    Just plain stupid, no other way to see it. The U.S. military needs to clean house on these stupid, stupid people.

  • Known0

    he is indeed an idiot, but not representative of the 30,000 service members in Okinawa.

  • John450

    Hey give him a break at least he did not break Curfew

  • Avigator

    I believe a lot of these incidents have something to do with the consumption of low cost alcohol drink called “Happoshu”, either by itself, or mixed with Awamori, or with Shochu. It is very insiduous and can put your thinking capacity out action without you noticing it. I used to think that the draft I was drinking was real beer until I realized the taste was different. And they were charging for it as if it was real beer. But in some Izakayas and Karaokes they do sell during happy hours for even as low as 100/mug. They a local comes an offer a glass of Awamori or Shochu because it is Okinawan hospitality, and soon you are out of your mental faculties. May I suggest for any investigators to always try finding out where the person drank, what he drank and how much of it. That way a relationship can be established about what drink seems to be causing these behaviors. Japanese do it all the time, the only thing is that they hide it under the carpet. Awamori is also very insidious. So, who knows.

11:48 18 Jul , 2024