Wedding planning on the go

Okinawa Watabe Wedding Co. announced Monday it has started a new business called “Moai-Wedding.”  The new concept allows friends in so called Moai groups, which are mutual informal financial cooperation groups in Okinawa, can present a wedding ceremony using smart phones for friends who didn’t organize a wedding party or ceremony on their own.

The first wedding ceremony using the new business model was held on Jan. 20 in Yomitan Village.

The system allows the group to place an order on Okinawa Watabe Wedding’s web site through a smart phone, then organize a group of friends to participate, make a decision on a place to conduct the ceremony and the party, settle accounts on congratulations money, and share other information  with the members concerning the  event.

Minimum 30 people can form a group with everyone agreeing to a ¥10,000 membership fee per person.

The groups and choose to organize a ceremony only, a party only or both.

10:56 18 Jul , 2024