12 hibiscus plants stolen from Nago main street

12 hibiscus plants have been stolen from the main street of Nago City, from both sides of the street along a stretch from the Nago Crossing

The Nago Chuo-dori Association that consists of 40 shops operating in the area filed a claim about the theft with the Nago Police Station on Mar. 27. Haruki Oshiro , the president of the association says “It’s really sad because the flower decoration on the road was created by the association with heartfelt aspirations to make the town more beautiful.”

According to Oshiro, association members planted 50 hibiscus and 50 croton plants in commemoration of renovating the arcade along the main street with the help of a budget from Nago City, on Jan. 27 on the date of Nago cherry blossom festival. They found that only hibiscuses were uprooted from about 50m long stretch of the street on Feb. 26.

The association had set sign boards next to the plants to protect them from being stolen. Oshiro says that they were looking forward to seeing them in bloom with beautiful flowers at the festival next year. “We think we try to plant the flowers again to replace those that were stolen, but we worry that they will get stolen again,” Oshiro laments.

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    looks as if some of the US Service folks are spicying up their quarters!! You think???

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.muse.9 Larry Muse

    looks as if some of the US Service folks are beautifing their quarters!! You think???

  • heathclifff

    Oh, the humanity!

09:36 17 Apr , 2024