Mar 28 ~ Apr 3


Try to relax thoroughly. You should pay attention to this day and tomorrow and not dwell on small stuff that happened yesterday. A very pleasant surprise is waiting just around the corner. In order to stay current with your family affairs, you should listen more. That would also help you to understand recent problems.


If you are looking for a romantic weekend, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The only thing you have to do is to be close to the right person and then just keep smiling. There’s some paperwork waiting for you on Monday that you have to clear from your desk. Then you can concentrate on new ideas at your work.


Keep you head high and show your optimistic side as this would make those around you trust your abilities, even if you are not so sure yourself at all times. Remember, that nothing that is worth thriving for comes easy. Keep an open mind regarding a romance that is around the corner, but give it the time and space it needs.


The secret of your success depends on timing. Planning for your future is going to get your imagination flying. This could be the right time to try something different, but only if you can convince others to go along. Think and plan carefully from many angles, and always keep the future in mind. You can’t change the past anyways.


You should look for the company of people who can teach you something new. Many people come to ask for your advice, but have you ever thought why? Maybe they believe that you are genuinely interested in their business. This tie is no exception, but you should be extra careful if the question is about money.


Although the temptation is strong you should not try to get ahead through the lowest point of the fence. This is especially important if you are expected to help others. Try to keep your promises. After the weekend you will have an opportunity to start something new. That will also help you in your future ventures.


Have you recently met a person who’s somehow mysterious while very interesting at the same time. Although you might be busy you should not miss this opportunity. You should accept the fact that it’s the time for you and someone else to move ahead. Enjoy this weekend and do something that you really would like.


You don’t trust in your intuition very often, but maybe this time you should. There’s something that you would not like to admit that’s intriguing you. You should accept it, and take the bull by the horns. After you have made everything clear in your head, you feel much better. A little flirting could lead to a nice surprise.


Be optimistic and take a good look around you. The spring is here, and you too can start from a clean slate. Forget all advice against your plans. All practical solutions are within your reach. Small changes in your environment could lead to wonders, and there’s no reason to feel guilty. Relax with your friends this weekend.


No matter how hard you try, some things just seem destined to go backwards. You should not blame yourself for that. Just try to keep you cool, especially if the problem concerns your job. Besides your love life is going to get a boost very soon, and you could get a good opportunity to meet some really interesting new people.


Have you decided to tell someone about your romantic plans concerning that person? Relax, but be firm, and don’t expect to get a response too soon. There could be some concerns regarding your future, but a possibility of happiness and love will trump those concerns any time. Your friends should be the focus this weekend.


If there’s a romance in horizon, things are going to speed up. In any case, you have an optimistic period in your life just now, but you should still be careful when taking risks, especially with money or work. You should be confident in your abilities as long as you pay close attention to details. Others will help you in need.

22:31 27 Feb , 2024