Ai Miyazato in car accident in Thailand

Okinawan lady pro-golfer Ai Miyazato got into a car accident in Thailand, Sunday. The car, in which Miyazato was a passenger was caught in a pileup while on the way to the airport.

Ai complained about uncomfortable feeling around her neck after the accident, but no injuries were reported. She had taken part in the Ladies’ Golf Tour Honda LPGA Championships at Pattaya that had ended on the same day, and was on her way to the airport in order to fly to Singapore for the HSBC Championship Tournament.

Ai arrived at Singapore as scheduled, but did not practice Monday as she was going through a medical check at a hospital. The manager, who rode in the car together with Miyazato says the accident occurred around 7 p.m. on Sunday, and some five cars were involved in the accident.

05:51 15 Jul , 2024