And this week’s winner is…

Reginald Polexi won a pair of tickets to the next Ryukyu Golden Kings home game that will take place on Mar. 2 and 3 against Yokohama B-Corsairs at Ginowan Gym.

Reginald is from Orland, FL, which he says has a very similar climate to Okinawa. He has been on the island four months, and says he will move on about two years from now.

Despite having been here only a short time, he already loves the place. “Life here is great. I enjoy the culture and love the island life,” he states. He adds that he finds the history of Okinawa very interesting. “And besides, people are really nice.”

He says that he plans to try to visit as many of the outer islands as he can during his stay here. He also like to visit all sort of events around the island, for which he finds Japan Update printed and on line event listings very useful.

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11:21 02 Mar , 2024