And this week’s winner is…

Ryan Anastoplus is the lucky winner of this week’s Japan Update raffle, who won a pair of tickets to the Ryukyu Golden Kings’ basketball match.

Ryan says he is originally from a small town in Turkey where there were a lot of chickens. He has fond memories of llama milk and pet lizards, and he’s especially missing the “riots that took place there and made life very interesting.”

Ryan says that he has been on Okinawa several years by now, and does not have an idea when he would move on. In the meantime he enjoys his life here. “I enjoy making goat skin wallets and sea urchin weaponry in a cave I live in Yomitan,” he says. He also occasionally enjoys his favorite local food, which is “Kewpie Mayo Smoothie.”

Finding many lizards on Okinawa makes him feel right at home here. He also like the water pressure in local water pipes. “It is easy to find goat skin for my wallets, too,” he explains.

In the near future he’s planning to expand his horizons and make a sightseeing trip to Camp Kinser Food Court.

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22:04 22 Jul , 2024