Anti-Osprey group to disband

Defining its group as having “served a certain mission,” a major opponent to the Marine Corps MV-22 Ospreys says it’s calling it quits.

The organizing committee of the group which rallied against last year’s deployment of the tilt-rotor Ospreys to Okinawa was comprised of representatives of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly and other municipal bodies.  It held a protest rally last September 9th that attracted an estimated 100,000 participants to voice opposition to the Ospreys coming to Futenma Marine Corps Air Station.  The group argued the transport aircraft’s safety record was questionable.

The Ospreys were deployed despite the protests.  The committee is split on what to do next.  Some members are proposing creating another organization to continue fighting against the MV-22 Osprey deployments at Futenma.

  • Mihamajichan

    100,000 my ass

  • brian Parker

    Drunk drivers and unrestrained infants and toddlers are far more dangerous than any potential Osprey, and also the boso bikers’ nightly rituals are far louder…Nobody does anything about those two. Maybe they can take up that cause.

  • Mihamajichan

    Am I the only one who’s able to dissect the true intent of the protesters outside of Futenma? They are trolls who are just trying to get a reaction from the people who work on the base. I’ve heard nothing but racial slurs, “we hate you”, and “stop raping our women”. See, this goes to show how hateful these people are; their true colors are just xenophobic hate for Americans who are here helping them stay a sovereign nation.

  • Guest

    as a military member driving on and off that base every morning all i can say is personally to me they seem to do more good then harm, forcingcars to pull out blindly into traffic almost hitting vehicles and pedestrians not to mention the noise they cause and the traffic build up. Its a waste of so many resources, everyone on base has been warned they are not allowed to co-mingle with the protesters in threat of their own punishment.

00:18 24 Jul , 2024