Chinese surveillance ships again venture into Japanese waters

It’s becoming almost commonplace, and adding to the missions of the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Naha, as more Chinese surveillance vessels show up in Japanese waters.

The latest batch of Chinese ships marked six consecutive days they’ve entered the Japanese controlled Senkaku island waters in the East China Sea.  The Japan Coast Guard says the latest intrusions were in the contiguous zone.

The Chinese have ignored Japanese warnings not to intrude into Japanese territorial waters around the islands.  One of the Chinese ships reportedly told the Coast Guard that the Diaoyu, as Beijing refers to them, are Chinese islands and thus they’re not intruding.

A Chinese fishing vessel has also been reported sailing in and out of the contiguous zone just outside the Japanese waters around the Senkakus.  Officials say each time it’s approached, it departs the area.

17:18 21 Apr , 2024