Civilian arrested for violence

Okinawa Police arrested Joseph Green, a civilian working with the U.S. military, Saturday morning, on suspicion of committing a violent act in Okinawa City.

According to Okinawa City Police, Green is suspected of slapping and choking another man by the neck, and punching him on the face. Police say the victim was waiting on the passenger seat in his car for a daiko substitute driver to arrive to drive him home when Green slapped his car with his hand. The victim then came out of his car, and Green immediately attacked him.

An eyewitness who saw the incident called the police who arrested Green on the spot. Police say they noticed a smell of alcohol from Green’s breath, but he refused a breathalyzer test, and asked police to call a representative of the U.S. Investigators say Green hasn’t answered yet why he attacked the victim, or where he had been drinking.

15:09 25 May , 2024