Education for teachers urged regarding food allergies

The Board of Education of Naha announced that four children were taken to a hospital by an ambulance due to anaphylaxis allergic symptoms caused by a school-provided lunch. The children reportedly developed symptoms such as breathing problems or drop in blood pressure during the current school year from Apr. ’12 through Feb. ‘13.

According to the announcement by the board, the incidents involved three elementary school students and one junior high student. In two of the cases officials have not been able to determine the specific ingredients in the lunch that caused the symptoms. One case was pinpointed to a shrimp soup, as a teacher took out a shrimp from the soup, and served it to the student. Subsequently, the student went into a shock. The student was then taken to a hospital.

In the other case, a student went into a shock after he ate a cookie containing peanuts.

The Naha Board of Education says “we should do instruct teachers how to use an epinephrine autoinjector equipment to give first aid in case of a student going into a shock, and also educate them about food allergies.

14:35 25 May , 2024