First evacuation building agreement in Nago

Nago City, Kouki district, AJ Kouki Resort Hotel and Okinawa Suncoast Hotel signed an agreement on March 6 that makes the hotel buildings available as temporary emergency evacuation places in case of a natural disaster like tsunami.

The agreement marks the first of its kind for Nago City.

These two hotels are made of reinforced concrete and are 11 stories high. When a disaster occurs, the top floor hall or lounge in each hotel can accommodate about 280 people. The agreement ceremony was held at the Kouki District Community Hall. Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine, Kouki District Ward Chief Nariko Sasaki, Takashi Yamamoto, the manager of Kouki Resort and Naomi Nema, the manager of Okinawa Suncoast Hotel signed the agreement. Kouki Resort Manager Yamamoto said “This agreement is absolutely natural because we owe many favors to community residents every day.” Naomi Nema of Okinawa Suncoast Hotel said “We’ll educate our hotel staff on how to lead people to evacuation spots that offer safety and relief in case of a disaster.”

Mayor Inamine of Nago City said “We hope to make a strong city resistant to disasters with cooperation and help between residents.” and ward chief Sasaki adding “It is going to make older persons in the area at ease, and this kind of agreement is helpful for them. We appreciate this kind of cooperation.”

01:48 31 May , 2024