Mar  14 ~ 20


Share your wishes and dreams with people who are in a position to help you to make those dreams come true. Although you may feel quite tired just now, do not give up, as the level of your energy is going to go up pretty soon. It is very important to trust your future and see a chance for a new beginning.


It’s the time to be flexible. There are some changes happening just now that you find quite unnecessary, but you should just go with the flow at this time and spare yourself from stress. You will see that everything has a purpose. There’s a romantic encounter, but that seems to develop into a friendship rather than passion.


Things that hold you back just now are going to change, and you can help the situation yourself. You need to use your negotiation skills in order to reach your goal, and you have to be diplomatic. Talk, talk and talk, and use your natural charms. It is also important to be flexible and listen to other opinions.


It could take some time to get used to something that happened recently. But on the other hand, you have learned to bend with the situation, and to find a way ahead. The future is going to lighten up soon, but you may have a problem that requires you to use your natural charms to get an emotional situation solved.


There’s excitement and expectation in the air that is difficult not to notice, but even more difficult to explain. Pay close attention to your health and avoid unnecessary stress. You are going to have this warm feeling about you during the weekend, and you should think carefully what was the cause. Then, don’t forget it.


Has someone been aggressive towards you lately. You should advice that person to back off and take care of whatever personal problems there are. You should go ahead considering what is best for you and your family. You may notice some mistakes with a plan at work, but be diplomatic when you take the matter up.


You should show your feelings and trust your heart. Although your demeanor is usually very calm, that could change to your detriment if you don’t pay attention. You know what is right and what is wrong, so don’t let others to dictate what kind of person you should be. You can defuse the conflicts with your charm.


This weekend you are going to need all the patience you can muster. Normal situations can escalate into conflicts, and misunderstandings abound. After the weekend the situation is going to become easier. You should use your energy for planning so you would be ready when the atmosphere soon softens.


Slow down and take a look around you. Try to find something that makes you relax and give you satisfaction. It is not necessary to run with the rat race all the time. There are people who need your attention, and that’s why you need to pay close attention to your health and well being, as you don’t go far without those.


There are problems, but you are also on top of your game to resolve them. Others also will take notice, and are likely to come for you for advice. If you are not sure which direction in your life you should take, take a deep breath, and pause for a moment. Then ask yourself what would you like to do three years from now.


Something that you thought was all taken care of is going to come up again. At the same time, this will open up a very good chance for you to make a better decision. This period is exciting and offers many surprises in many ways. There’s a new plan that warrants a close look. Make sure everyone does their share.


Write down ideas that come to your mind, especially this weekend. They are easily lost in the deluge of information we are experiencing every day, and something that is important to remember is waiting ahead. Look for the positive, and don’t let a couple of cloudy days to put you down. There’s always tomorrow.

09:47 17 Apr , 2024