Mar  21 ~ 27


At last you can create some action regarding a project that has been difficult to start. You enthusiasm will inspire others, and you can count on their help that you need. As you pace of living at this moment is pretty hectic, you should pay special attention to your health and well-being. This weekend promises to be pleasant.


Try to keep up with people who make you feel relaxed and at ease even during the most hectic of times. Not taking everything so seriously helps you to have balance in your life. This weekend you should seek the company of your loved ones. Especially those younger than you will help you remember what is most important in life.


Combining work and your social life could be a good idea this time. You can show what you really can do. You should not be shy to present your ideas to others. Although your love life seems a bit dull at the moment, don’t panic, things will change for the better very soon. Prepare to show your best side during the weekend.


This week there could be changes and new ideas. You have to remember that by saving time you also save money. Over the weekend your lighter side is going to become dominant, and although you could think of doing something more serious, it would pay in the long run to keep you mind open to everything new.


Although your finances are improving little by little, it’s better to save than borrow. Someone is about to fill up you heart and mind, and make you feel that anything is possible. However, you should proceed with your feet to the ground. Finding the middle of the road could seem to be difficult just now, but it will pay in the long run.


There has been a relationship in your life that has puzzled you for some time, but this weekend will bring definitive answers to your questions. Although your thoughts and feelings are a mess, everything will become clear in time. You must avoid making any decisions in a hurry, especially when money is concerned.


If you can muster the energy to try even a little bit harder, you will get he success at your job that you desire. Maybe you don’t want to share all our thoughts and ideas with others just yet, but avoid giving an impression that you are hiding something. This weekend will give you a chance to proceed with a romantic relationship.


Love is in the air this weekend. Exciting relationships and surprise situations keep you alert and in good mood. Even if you still have to pay close attention to your money, the future seems bright. Take care of your health. An extra dose of energy is valuable when you soon need it as you have to take the initiative in your relationship.


Friends a relatives are in focus this weekend. You relationship with your lover is going to grow stronger when you engage him or her more in normal everyday routines. In that way you learn more about each other every day and your understanding improves. If you are planning a trip on your vacation, choose your companion carefully.


You are going to begin to understand how those around think and feel about your situation. Your curious mind can take you to places that make those around you to think you can read their minds. Perhaps they don’t comprehend how keenly you observe them. A meeting sometime next week will make this crystal clear.


You should prepare for extra efforts at your work. There is a plan that you and your colleagues have worked for some time, and that seems to have gotten off track somehow. Maybe you should take a new look at it. The weekend will bring you an offer that sounds good, but if you decline, you will get even a better offer later.


This would be the right time to make long term plans, and spend some time, for example, thinking what would you like to do a year from now. You should start heading to your goal right away, and stop aimless wandering. There are many good possibilities ahead. Now would also be a good time to tell about your real feelings to your lover.

18:21 21 Apr , 2024