Koza Gate Street Association gathers to urge ending curfew

The Koza Gate Street Association, which is consists of owners of shops on Gate 2 Street area gathered at Koza Music Town on Mar. 1, and had a rally demanding the end to the current curfew or the ban on drinking at off base establishments affecting U.S. Military members. The association directed its demands to the Okinawa City council and Assembly.

The association members also confirmed that they try to collect 1,000 signatures supporting their demands by March 8. Total 30 persons gathered to the rally. The president of the association Masanobu Nagamine says “The sales of the establishments in this district went down 90%, and the district businesses are facing an impending death. We must take an action to protect our livelihood.”

  • ewacloser

    “We must take an action to protect our livelihood.” So, the crimes associated with off base drinking are OK? Young men do foolish and dangerous things when they are drunk. Bar owners will continue to serve drunks until they pass out or run out of money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=827361161 Terrance Lenard Askew

    And this is what happens when okinawan residents, allow carried away mainland protesters step into their dealings on this island…Sorry koza street folks, but i hope the lockdown stays….I do not feel sorry for you.

  • Tomamii

    Koza Gate street is a dump – dead since 1970s
    Its just great this lousy bars there are finally closed, gone – make space for something new ! ( new Sun-A, Kanehide *harhar*

22:30 22 Jul , 2024