Marines show off Osprey to local residents on MCAS

The III MEF of the USMC invited 300 people, including families, to MCAS Futenma for a showing of the MV-22 Osprey aircraft, Mar. 3. People who were invited were local residents who had submitted applications for the tour in advance. Former Nago City Mayor Yoshikazu Shimabukuro was also invited to the tour.

During the tour the Marines asked participants to fill up a questionnaire asking questions like “Do you think Osprey is important for the security of Japan or Japan-US alliance?” and “Do Osprey aircraft help keep Japan-US alliance strong?” and such. Officials at the Marine Public Affairs Office says they don’t ask participants unfair questions, but just for want to find out if the participants find the event is useful and gives good information to visitors.

The tour participants were allowed to take pictures, and some families took pictures with their kids seated on the seat of an Osprey. One participant said that “I can’t say whether this aircraft dangerous or not, as I have seen it just this one time, but this was a good and interesting opportunity for me.”

The number of participants was limited to 300 who applied on line. All available slots were reportedly filled within a week.

11:38 18 Jul , 2024