Motobu Town Assembly member drowns

A Motobu Town Assembly Member Masaaki Maeda, representing the Communist Party of Japan,

Was found floating in Motobu Fishing Port early in the morning of Feb. 24. He was taken to a hospital, but was confirmed dead later on the same day. Maeda was 65 years old.

According to Motobu Fire Department, Maeda had come to the port for night fishing with his wife Emiko. Later, Emiko went to sleep in of their car, but about 5 a.m. she noticed that her husband was nowhere to be seen, and called the Fire Department. She had noticed her husband still fishing about 3 a.m., so something had happened between 3 and 5 a.m. and the husband had fallen into the ocean.

Maeda is originally from Ogimi Village, and graduated from Dousishya University. He served in the Naha City Council for five terms, and was then elected to the Motobu Assembly in 2004, where he was in his third term.

02:06 31 May , 2024