Naha planning large-scale animal shelter facility

Naha City is planning to upgrade a multi-purpose land project in Gushi area by adding an animal saving shelter.

The city is planning to develop a large piece of land in Gushi, next to the south end of the Naha Airport runways, into a multi-purpose area with facilities for athletic and community activities for citizens. Now they have added an animal support center on the same land. Besides having space for rescuing and interning stray and abandoned animals, the facility is planned to have a god park where dogs and their masters can play together without the dogs having to be at leash.

Because the designation of Naha City will be changed to a core city from a regular city this April, the rabies prevention and animal protection tasks will be transferred to the city from the prefecture, and the city has to prepare a facility for the purpose.

The infamous task of destroying stray and abandoned animals will still remain the responsibility of the prefecture, but Naha City officials say they will try to find people willing to adopt those pets as much as possible in order to reduce the number of animals that has to be destroyed.

The land reserved for the construction is the seaside area next to the south-end of Naha Airport runways, which is separated and far away from private housing areas. The construction of the project is scheduled to start in 2015.

19:14 14 Jul , 2024