Okinawa Bank introduces multi-currency exchanging machines

Okinawa Bank has installed new multi-currency exchange machines at several locations on Okinawa. The new machines are capable of handling up to eight different currencies.

The new machines are located at San-A Main Place, San-A Convention City, AEON Naha, AEON Haebaru, AEON Chatan and Family Mart REXA RYUBO branch. The new machines went to service starting Mar. 18, and they offer users a choice of eight different currencies to exchange either from yen or to yen.

The currencies are the US dollar, Euro, Chinese RMB, Korean won, Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong dollar, English pound and Australian dollar.

The machines’ working hours are regularly 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. but the hours may vary depending on the facility’s operation hours. Also, the machines are not in service on off days of each facility. The exchange rate is the same as Okinawa Bank’s.

12:43 15 Apr , 2024