Okinawa Cellular retains naming rights for Onoyama Stadium

Cellular Stadium in Onoyama Park in Naha will retain its name for the next five years.

Okinawa Cellular Co. has been granted the first place to negotiate with Naha City for the naming rights of the Onoyama Baseball Stadium.

Okinawa Cellular Co., which is running the au mobile phone business in Okinawa and is the current holder of the naming rights, won the right to be the first to negotiate with the city over the name of the stadium for the next five years starting from April.

The current contract period of the naming rights expires at the end of March, and Naha City was soliciting proposals for the next naming rights. The basic contract term is for five years at ¥21,000,000 per year. Naha City and Okinawa Cellular Co. have agreed to keep using the name “Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha,” the same as now.

The solicitation called for a bid covering three to five years, with a minimum price of ¥20,000,000 per year. The expiring contract was for three years and with a price tag of over ¥10,000,000. Three companies submitted bids, and Okinawa Cellular Co. won the contract with their proposal.

17:37 15 Jun , 2024