Okinawa Hotels score top rank listing on Trip Adviser

Hotel Rocore Naha was ranked as the fourth best overall in all of Japan and the best in Okinawa on Trip Adviser Japan website.

The Trip Adviser Japan, which is a part of Trip Adviser, one of the largest word of mouth travel websites in the world featuring comments and reviews of its users, recently announced the top three hotels serving the greatest breakfasts in Japan in 2013.

According to Trip Adviser, Hotel Rocore Naha placed on the 4th spot, Hotel Nikko Alivila Yomitan Resort was ranked 6th, and Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha scored the 10th place. These three Hotels from Okinawa were listed among top 10 in Japan.

Also on another category of the “Top 10 Hotels for Family Visits,” Tokashiku Marine Village on Tokashiki Island was listed No.2 in Japan. The results are a summary of all comments from Trip Adviser readers who have visited the hotels.

A comment from a reader says “The hotel offers a great environment for a family with kids”, “Met a sea turtle on the beach, a really great experience!”, “The hospitality by the staff is great!” and many more.

14:41 14 Jul , 2024