Orion Happy Park reaches 200,000-visitor mark

A facility within the Orion Beer Co. called “The Orion Happy Park” that allows visitors to the brewery to watch the beer making process, celebrated its 200,000th visitor on Feb. 28 with a ceremony celebrate the occasion.

The Orion Happy Park was built in May 2011, including a restaurant facility. The old Orion brewery building had also a back stage tour for visitors, but Orion officials say that since the new Orion Happy Park opened they have been counting twice the number of visitors than before. The visitor number 200,000 was a couple, Yasuhiro Shimizu from Tokyo and Mie Tanaka from Gunma prefecture, and they received a gift of a case of Orion Beer and some other commemorative gifts from Factory Director Masahiro Ishikawa. The couple was visiting Okinawa for sightseeing and said they like Orion Beer, and are drinking it even in Tokyo. Both said “We are so happy!”

19:13 14 Jul , 2024