Recent graduates’ favorite companies listed

Kyujin Okinawa Co., the publisher of an employment magazine, has published the list of the most desirable companies recent graduates of Okinawan schools wish to work for.

The major retailing company San-A tops the list for the first time in four years. Financial and banking firms are also popular among both men and women. The points for graduates when selecting a company are the “type of job, or job description,” “working hours, time off and working location.” The perceived “stability” of the company is also a big factor.

San-A has been actively promoting the company to students and organized regular study meetings for students in order to introduce themselves properly, and that seems to be one reason for their popularity among students. On the second place is the Bank of the Ryukyus. Okinawa Bank is the third, Okinawa Electric Power Company the fourth, and Ryukyu Kouwa medical equipment maintenance company the fifth, followed by Okinawa Cellular Co., AEON Ryukyu, Orion Beer, and travel company JTB Okinawa.

The survey was conducted between last Dec. 2012 and Feb. 2013. Most students told interviewers that they look for a company that they believe can offer them long-term job security, but sometimes they change their mind if they discover something they judge to be a worthwhile job, offers good human relationships or contributes to the region after visiting the company and communicating with its workers.

07:50 17 Apr , 2024