Scooter gang robs store clerk in Nago

A gang of youths riding on motor scooters robbed a liquor store clerk of his pouch while he also was on his scooter in the Miyazato district of Nago City, Saturday.

According to Nago Police, a group of youths riding in tandem on scooters approached the man, also riding a scooter, from behind, and grabbed the pouch that the man had hanging around his neck, when they overtook him. When the robbers grabbed the pouch, the victim lost his balance and fell down injuring himself. The robbers got away with the pouch that contained almost \60,000 in cash.

Nago police is investigating the case, and tracking down the culprits. Besides a charge on robbery, they are also facing additional charges of causing an accident resulting in injury, and leaving the scene of an accident..

21:20 27 Feb , 2024