Security cameras to be installed on Kokusai Street

Yoshiaki Uehara, the representative for the Shopping District Promotion Association of Kokusai Street in Naha, Morishige Oshiro, the commissioner of the Naha Police Station, and Takeshi Onaga, the mayor of Naha City signed a contract for installing security cameras on Kokusai Street in Naha.

According to the contract, the project starts from April, and calls for installing 16 cameras at eight points along the street. 90% of the budget for the project is covered by a subsidy from the central government.

The main purposes for installing the cameras are deterring crime, illegal road shops, bad runners and illegal dumping. The cameras will be controlled by the association, and will be operated in a way to protect people’s privacy. The system will record objects of video shooting, and who watched and at what time.

Association Representative Uehara stated “This contract is one starting step for the security of the community. We want to install more cameras so that we will not have a blind spot along th street in the future.” Naha Police Station Commissioner said “This will have a positive impact, as we in the Naha Police Department are charged for keeping order in this city. We appreciate the project.” Also Mayor Onaga added “The Kokusai Street is the face of Okinawa, and if something bad happens there, it would have a bad effect on the whole of Okinawa. We hope the street becomes safer and more secure.”

Naha City already has installed 15 cameras in Matsuyama district in Dec. 2012.

13:00 14 Jul , 2024