Tapic Group will take over the South Botanic Gardens

Southeast Botanical Gardens in Chibana is scheduled to re-open with a new owner July 7.

The Tapic Group, which is running hotel, medical and elderly care facilities businesses announced the take over of the Southeast Botanical Gardens in Chibana, Okinawa City, Friday. The garden has been closed since Dec. 2010.

Tapic purchased all shares of the Southeast Botanical Gardens, and plans to re-open the facility to on July 6. The company says that they finalized contract with the current owner on Mar. 15. Yoshikazu Miyazato, the representative of the Tapic Group will become the president of the Southeast Botanical Gardens.

The company reportedly paid ¥500 million for the facility, and estimates that it will take another ¥100 million for repairs. Miyazato says “We are going to revive the botanical park as it has a great potential for growing tropical or subtropical plants that can be done only in Okinawa. We are also looking at various possibilities to expand the activities in the gardens. We also hope this will improve the tourist market and activity of Okinawa City.”

The name “Southeast Botanical Gardens” will remain the same, and current employees will also move to Tapic. The company says they will hire about 50 employees first, and increase the number to to 100 and then to 200 step by step.

Okinawa City Mayor Mitsuko Tomon was present at the interview and said “I’m really waiting for the reopening the Southeast Botanical Gardens. I think it’s not only a pleasure for Okinawa City citizens but all citizens of Okinawa. I hope the garden will offer a great function to improve Okinawa City sightseeing scene.”

The garden will open regular hours from July 7, and stay open 365 days a year. The entry fee for children under 15 years of age is ¥500, ¥1000 for high school students, and ¥1,500 for adults. Children under six are free.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BeckyFever Becca Haynes

    I am very happy to hear that the botanical gardens will reopen and be revived. I have many happy memories there from my childhood, and I feel like the park is good for the island.

  • Rebecca Haynes

    It is almost July 6, are they still on track to open this month?

    • Megan Murray

      Yes, Opening ceremonies are at 10am July 6.

01:13 21 May , 2024