“Uta-no Hi Concert” to be held in Kadena Town first time

The “Uta-no Hi Concert” or the “Song Day Concert” will be held at Kaneku Kaihin Park in Kadena Town on Jun. 29.

A famous band from Ishigaki Island called “BEGIN” visited the Kadena Town Hall, to announce the decision to Kadena Town Mayor Hiroshi Toyama. The vocal of the band Eisho Higa told the mayor that “We see Kadena Town residents having trouble with exploding sounds of combat aircraft on ordinary days, and we hope everybody enjoys and feel refreshed with the sound of music on the Song Day.”

Mayor Toyama welcomed the event, and replied “Its like a dream that we in Kadena can welcome BEGIN to our town. We will thrive to make this event a success as it could help to activate our town in the future.”

The “Uta-no Hi Concert” this year marks its 13th time. It was originally started for celebrating and appreciating songs that were prohibited to sing aloud during the World War, and which we now can sing freely. The Uta-no Hi concert is scheduled for one Saturday or Sunday after the Peace Memorial Day on Jun. 23 each year. Tickets are ¥1500 for adults, and ¥500 for children under high school age. They will be available for purchase at FamilyMarts soon.

14:21 25 May , 2024