Worker dies in construction accident in Ginowan

Katsuhiko Gushiken, a 26-year-old construction worker who worked at the building site of a new elementary school in Oyama, Ginowan City died when a boom of a concrete pumping crane fell down and crushed him on Mar. 5. Gushiken was taken to a hospital but he died of his injuries on Mar. 11.

Two other workers also were injured in the accident with one having a cervical spine injury, and the other suffering broken ribs.

According to police investigation, the long arm of a heavy concrete pumping equipment used for casting concrete to form walls suddenly fell down, and the three workers were crushed under the arm. One worker at the site says that it looked like a bolt at the arm base had come loose causing the arm to fall down.

The accident happened at the construction site of a new elementary school scheduled to open next year. The men were working on the construction of the school gymnasium.

Another worker said “I heard a tremendous noise and turned to watch when the arm fell down. The arm extended about 30 meters before fell down. It looked like it was reaching to the second floor level when the accident happened.”

22:34 20 Jul , 2024