WWII-era ammunition discovered in Itoman

861 unused rounds of ammunition were found in an underground bunker by a private house in Maesato district of Itoman City. Five hand grenades and one unexploded bombshell was found from Ozato, also in Itoman.

Isamu Kuniyoshi, who has collected remains and mementos of the Okinawa War for a long time, and his party found the ammo. He says it seems the ordnance dates back to the WWII. They reported their find to Japan Self Defense Force that will pick them up for disposal.

Officials from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare had already inspected the underground bunker back in 1994, when the inspectors found a some war-era artifacts, and over 100 hand grenades. However, the search was stopped and no one has examined the site since that time.

This time, as the ammunition and other ordnance was found, the Center of Collecting Remains and Artifacts of War is considering to ask the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to conduct a new inspection.

09:05 30 May , 2024