¥1,100,000 robbed from coffee shop in Tomigusuku

A man wearing sunglases and a towel around his head burst into a coffee shop in Tomigusuku, and pulled a knife threatening a counter staff, He then grabbed ¥1,100,000 cash that was on the counter, and run away about 1:40 a.m., Sunday.

According to Tomigusuku Police, no one was injured. The police are still searching the robber.

Also, police said the coffee shop was closed already at the time, and there was only one staff member in the shop. The man broke into the shop through the main entrance, and threatened the clerk who was counting cash, and ordered him to get down on the floor and grabbed the cash.

The coffee shop is located in a residential area, but there are few lights, and it is dark at midnight. The clerk described the robber to be in his 20s, and about 160cm tall.

  • http://twitter.com/soldave Dave Webb

    “Staff” is uncountable. “Staff member” would be much better, grammatically.

    Also, if you’re wanting to stress that the number of lights isn’t many (which would correspond with the statement, “and it is dark at midnight”) then you’ll want to say there are, “few lights”. Remove the “a” from the sentence.

  • brian Parker

    Put all people in their 20’s who are 160 cm tall on indefinite curfew. It’s the only solution.

  • dude

    a coffee shop with 10 thousand dollars casually lying around?!

10:56 05 Mar , 2024