And this week’s winner is…

Lisa Leung is the winner of this week’s Japan update weekly raffle. She won a pair of tickets to the Ryukyu Golden Kings basketball match, which she plans to attend with her friend Ryan.

Lisa has lived on Okinawa for two years, and says that she’s scheduled to move on in about one more year. She says that she has feel very lucky that she has had a chance to live on the island. “I can only describe my life here as “subarashii!” she says using the Japanese word meaning excellent.
While living on the island she has also discovered awamori, the local tipple. “That has become my favorite drink, and I only wish that I could find a way to get it back in the U.S.,” she confesses. As for the best thing in Okinawa for her, she says “I think my friend Ryan is the best thing I have found in Okinawa during my time here.”
Before leaving she would like to have a chance to visit Yakushima in Kagoshima Prefecture famed for its ancient cedar trees, and Aogashima, the southernmost inhabited island in the Izu archipelago.
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09:28 04 Dec , 2023