Cruise ship Caledonian Sky visits Ishigaki for first time

The 4,200-ton Cruise ship Caledonian Sky, run by Noble Caledonian of the United Kingdom, arrived at the Ishigaki Port for the first time, Apr. 19. Upon the ships arrival, Ishigaki City organized a welcome ceremony in the port terminal.

The Caledonian Sky is a small, but luxurious 90.6m long yacht type ship. Most of its 104 passengers are British. The current cruise had started out from Malaysia, and has scheduled stops in Taiwan, Ishigaki, Naha, Yakushima and finally arriving at Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan.

The captain of the ship, Frank Arlika said “We’re proud and happy to visit Ishigaki Island. This is our first experience here, and we’re really looking forward to sightseeing on this island.”

The ship arrived at Ishigaki port at 8 a.m., Apr. 19, and its passengers had fun with glass boat and snorkeling in Kabira Bay. The ship left the port 3 p.m. on the same day.

  • brian Parker

    Ishigaki is more welcoming of foreigners than Okinawa proper is.

13:49 04 Mar , 2024