Fatal motorcycle crash in Nago

A motorcyclist died when he crashed head on into a car in Nago, Sunday.

According to Nago Police, 29-year-old Suguru Uechi was touring the northern Okinawa with a group of fellow motorcyclists on his high-power bike in the Genka district of Nago City, when he suddenly veered on the opposing lane of the road, and crashed head on into an oncoming passenger car. He was thrown off his bike.

He was taken to a hospital immediately, but was pronounced dead two hours later.

Two other motorcyclists who were riding just behind Uechi also fell down, but were unharmed.

Nago Police say Uechi and his fellow motorcyclists were on the way to Genka from Arime, Higashi Village, when the accident happened. Nago Police is still investigating the cause.

13:48 13 Jun , 2024