Ishigaki voted most popular dive spot for 13th consecutive year

Readers of specialized diving magazines in Japan have voted Ishigaki the most popular diving destination in Japan for the 13th consecutive year.

The magazines started announcing the “Dive and Travel” award in 2000, and Ishigaki Island has won the nomination every single year ever since.

Also, a dive shop in Ishigaki, “Southpoint,” was voted for the second best diving shop in Japan. The Best Diving Shop in Japan title went to Marine Shisa in Naha.

Choosing Ishigaki, readers cited the island’s diving spots that are conveniently close to land, and the abundance of various sea creatures to watch.

Mainland Okinawa was voted the second best area for diving, while Miyako Island won the 3rd place.

Yaeyama Diving Association President Makoto Sonoda said that he was pleased for the results, and noted that the diver population is currently increasing. He also said that “the number of low cost air carriers to Ishigaki is increasing, too, which in turn increases the number of tourists visiting the island from Japan and elsewhere hopefully bigger.”

13:03 22 Apr , 2024