Kadena Police arrests American woman for DUI, hit-and-run

Kadena Police arrested 20-year-old Cullen Maria Garcia, a civilian working for the U.S. military on suspicion of drinking and driving, hitting a car causing injuries to its three passengers, and then leaving the scene of an accident, about midnight, Sunday.

Cullen is working at the Child Development Center on Kadena Air Base. Three Japanese women in the car that Garcia is suspected of hitting suffered injuries that take two to seven days to heal.

Police say Cullen left the scene of the accident but was later stopped after she became involved in another traffic violation. The police officer, who apprehended her for that offense suspected that she had been drinking. Her involvement in the hit and run was discovered at that time, too.

When questioned, Garcia reportedly admitted to the hit and run but claims that she does not remember whether she had been drinking.

00:46 28 May , 2024