Mama Festival in Okinawa to promote children

The festival area is divided into sections, which each have their own theme.

Spring Mama Festival 2013 takes place in Ginowan Sunday, a festival developed to promote mother-and-child support by a Tokyo non-profit organization.

The 11 a.m.  ~ 4 p.m. event at Culture Resort Festone in Makishi, Ginowan City near the Okinawa Convention Center, is free.  This is the second iteration for the festival, with the first coming last November, when it attracted 2,200 visitors.  The Childrin NPO in Tokyo sponsors the Mama Festivals, bringing the festivals to communities where local individuals can freely share wisdom to each other on how to bring up children.

Childrin is this year holding 20 festivals across Japan.  Sunday’s event has the festival hall divided into four themes, and many experience booths will be opened in each area. The four themes are “Goods”, “Life”, “Happiness”, and “Foods”.

During the festival groups of children will perform to entertain the visitors.

In the “Goods” area, many goods for mothers, babies, and kids will be exhibited and on sale. In the “Life” area, products which make people’s lives fun will be exhibited and sale. In the “Happiness” area, various goods for beauty, health, and healing everyday will be exhibited and sale, and in the “Foods” area, an exhibition and sale of various foods and dishes which is under the theme as “The safe food which promises a family’s relief” will be carried out. Moreover, not only exhibition sales, but various information related to each area will be offered at the booths sharing knowledge.

09:41 23 Jun , 2024