No more 100-yen hamburgers at McDonald’s

McDonald’s Japan announced they would raise prices of some items in their menu starting May 7.

For example, the ¥100 hamburger will cost ¥120 after the hike, a cheese burger will cost ¥150, up from ¥120. A small McShake will go to ¥120 from ¥100, and the Juicy Shaka Shaka Chicken will also be raised to ¥120 from ¥100.

On the other hand, a small portion of French fries that now costs ¥190~230 will be reduced to ¥150, and “Value Set” meals will stay at the same price as before.

A spokesman for McDonald’s says the aim of this action is to try to enhance the price range of ¥100 through ¥200. “We also start serving a new burger called “McDouble” that will be priced at ¥190, and a five-piece “McNugget” will also cost ¥190” the spokesman added.

The company will also start calling items in the range of ¥100 – ¥200 “Value Picks”.

10:19 21 Feb , 2024