Okinawa Women’s Junior College to move to Yonabaru

The Okinawa Women’s Junior College, currently located in the Nagata district of Naha City will move to Agarihama area in Yonabaru by August 2015.

The new location where the school is scheduled to move, is a part of the Marine Town Project of Okinawa Prefecture, and is on a landfill earmarked for use for an educational facility. The land area is almost 20,000 square meters in size.

The college opened in Nagata in Naha city in 1966, and as it’s facilities have been getting older, the school administrators have been looking for a new available place to move. Before, Yonabaru Town had decided to use the area to build a new junior high school, but eventually they found that is hard to do because of the area population is increasing so much. The town planners then changed their mind and decided to attract some other educational facility to the site.

04:47 29 Feb , 2024