Onna Village councilman arrested for violent act

Ishikawa Police arrested Hiroshi Kinjo, a councilman at Onna Village assembly on suspicion of attacking and injuring a 10-year-old child

Kinjo is denying the charge, and claims he just stroke the kid’s head. But the village council decided to censure him.

According to Iashikawa Police investigating the incident, Kinjo is suspected of hitting the kid on the head and face because the child would not answer to Kinjo calling his name. Kinjo then allegedly got mad, and hit the kid causing an injury. The child’s father intervened and got Kinjo to stop, and then called the police.

Some witness claimed Kinjo smelled alcohol, and police are still investigating the circumstances.

At the same time, the village assembly issued an apology, and wished the victim a speedy recovery. Kinjo was first elected in 1994, and is currently serving his 4th term.

23:09 24 Jun , 2024