Second fatal accident in two weeks on same spot in Urasoe

A four-ton truck hit a pedestrian trying to cross the road at almost exactly the same spot where a junior high school boy was killed a couple of weeks ago.

According to Urasoe Police, 57-year-old Kenno Chinen was trying to cross the road when he was hit by the truck early Tuesday morning. Chinen was taken to a hospital, but was confirmed dead three hours later.

Urasoe Police suspect the driver did not pay attention on the road ahead, and are still investigating.

The spot is on Route 330 near Ohira with two lanes each way and a good visibility, but no traffic lights or pedestrian crossing.

According to police, Chinen attempted to cross the road at a spot where there is no fence on the divider. As the spot is almost exactly the same where the fatal accident at the end of last month took place, police announced that they would ask the prefecture to set a fence on all dividers in the area to prevent such accidents in the future.








04:58 29 Feb , 2024