String of three robberies on consecutive nights in Naha

According to Naha City Police, there were three incidents on consecutive nights in Naha when two robbers riding on a scooter grabbed a wallet or purse from pedestrians.  The robberies occurred three nights in a row from Mar. 26 to 28, and no suspect has been caught yet.

Police say, the first rovvery took place around 4 a.m. in the Matsuyama district of Naha on Mar. 26, when a 20-year-old student walking on a street had his wallet snatched from his back pocket by two men riding a scooter approaching from behind. The robbers drove away to the direction of Kume in Naha. The wallet contained some cash and credit cards. The robbers were wearing helmets, dressed in black and are described as being of skinny shape.

Another case took place on the 27th, around 3 a.m., when a woman was robbed of her shoulder bag at the Nishi district in Naha.

The third case occurred in Daido district of Naha, as one man was robbed of his bag around 2 a.m. on Mar. 28.

In all three cases the victims were approached from behind by two men on a scooter who snatched the victims’ belongings and drove away.

10:53 28 Feb , 2024